"The course and presentation were excellent. Mr Palermo clearly devoted many hours to the preparation of this course as made evident by the detailed books he made for each student and the well thought out, age appropriate, and engaging lectures. Mr. Palermo not only held the student's attention, but also inspired them to ask mature questions regarding their current and future finances. As a result of his program, our students realized that their future financial success begins with their preparation now. Mr. Palermo went on to explain how to avoid common financial pitfalls, which may impede one's goals in life, by handling money properly.

Mr. Palermo's foundation has provided our students with the know-how they need to be financially responsible and successful now as well as in the future. It is without a doubt that f.a.c.e. would be beneficial to any middle school or high school student fortunate enough to take it."

Betsy Shannon
Math Teacher
Nativity B.V.M. School