The financial decisions young people make today can have a lasting impact on the rest of their lives. From managing a bank account to signing up for your first credit card, there are a number of valuable lessons adolescents can learn now that will put them on the right path toward fiscal responsibility. 

Did you know that the average high school graduate lacks basic personal financial management skills? Yet, two-thirds of these students will have their own credit card in college! 

F.A.C.E. helps teenagers and young adults understand what it takes to build a strong financial future and avoid the pitfalls of bad debt and poor credit. A non-profit, financial education resource for adolescents, teachers and schools, F.A.C.E., hosts on-site school seminars that present the basics of credit education, the repercussions of today‚Äôs credit solicitation tactics and a realistic roadmap to managing debt and staying fiscally responsible for a lifetime.

 The F.A.C.E. team will visit your school or organization and create a customized session for 1) junior high students, 2) high school students, and 3) college students delivered on-site with relevant, tactical information and mentoring to educate on responsible credit habits and choices.