An easy solution to a complex problem!  F.A.CE.'s on-site seminars offer expert advice, easy-to-use tools, and applicable resources that students need to build a strong financial future. Each seminar is led by a former on-campus marketer for a leading credit card institution.

Due to limited time, funding and resources, today’s schools and teachers struggle to provide students with the basic financial skills they need. With on-site F.A.C.E. seminars, students will learn what it takes to build a better financial future and avoid the pitfalls of unsecured debt and poor credit.

F.A.C.E. will visit your school or organization and create a customized session for 1) junior high students, 2) high school students, and 3) college students delivered on-site with relevant, tactical information and mentoring to educate on responsible credit habits and choices.

Since 2010, F.A.C.E. has held seminars at a number of leading schools throughout the Greater Philadelphia region, including:


Temple University

Kennett High School

Ridley High School

Ridley Middle School

Springfield High School

Springfield Middle School

Penncrest High School

St. Mary Magdalene School

St. Bernadette’s

Nativity BVM

Kohelet Yeshiva High School

Merion Mercy Academy

Holy Child Academy

Haverford Middle School

Drexel Neumann Academy

Malvern Preparatory School


To schedule a F.A.C.E. seminar at your school, email Christopher Palermo, Executive Director of F.A.C.E. at: .