"Financial education needs to become a part of our national curriculum and scoring systems so that it's not just the rich kids
that learn about money... it's all of us" -David Bach

F.A.C.E.'s Top Ten Credit/Finance Lessons for K-12 Students

• No impulse buying. Don't be lured by "For Sale" signs.

• Don't keep up with the Jones. More "stuff" doesn't make you happier.

• Credit card companies want you to spend what you don't have. Don't buy what you don't need or cannot afford.

• Think twice before lending money to others.

• Free gas, extra airline miles, a cell phone, a water bottle – avoid the trap of credit card company giveaways. Remember - nothing is free!

• Build trust. Show your parents that you can be trusted with money management and spending.

• The earlier you save, the sooner you will have financial freedom.

• Debt is the Enemy! Pay interest to yourself, not to banks.

• Know your 3 credit scores and where they come from, not just one.

• Pay your bills on time. Good credit will get you lower rates on all loans you have in the future – car financing, mortgage, etc.