Apps for Kids

P2K Money (free): an app that helps track kids' allowances by creating a wish list with images and teaching them about budgeting and saving.

Kids Money (free): an app that lets kids plan for a long-term expense, guiding them through long-term planning and saving–something that I could even use!

Save! The Game (free): Sponsored by Mass Mutual, it teaches kids about Needs vs. Wants. The app partners with the Time for Kids website and a game called "Right on the Money." The app also has a 3D interface. The goal of "Save!" is to collect virtual money while avoiding the "wannas!"

Bank of Mom ($1.99): an app that gives kids a virtual credit line; they can then take "withdrawls" out from "Mom" who controls the bank. The app can track accounts, deposits, withdrawls, tv time, activities, etc.. This app is best suited for older children.

Allowance: Your Pocket Money ($3.99): An app that let's kids deposit, withdraw and manage their allowance. As a parent, you can add up to five children within the program, which makes it easy for you to manage their allowances as well!

Rich Kid Smart Kid (free): This website provides financial lessons and games for kids starring two mice as the main characters; for grades K-12, and divided by grades.

PBS Kids Mad Money Game (free): teaches kids about earning, spending, and saving their money, while creating goals along the way.